Are you Beach ready?

Collaborative post

Are you beach ready yet? I’m not talking about whether you’re feeling like you need to lose or gain weight. I mean, are you feeling ready for the beach?? Not sure? Read on!

Sand and stones

What is beach ready?

The best looking people on the beach are the confident ones who are smiling and really enjoying themselves. For a great smile, make sure you have visited the dentist, brush and floss your teeth – really look after them!

Don’t feel confident? Fake it. Posture is key, stand tall and walk with conviction! That doesn’t mean try to sprint across the sand in your stilettos,  just walk tall!

What makes you feel great?

For as many years as I can remember, having a pedicure has been a huge confidence booster. I love pretty sandals, so I need pretty toes! Before any beach trip, I have a pedicure.  Most of the time I DIY my pedicure, it’s easy to do while I catch up on television! I soak my feet in my favourite bubbles, use a good foot scrub, massage them with foot cream and stick on socks overnight. In the morning I paint my toe nails, and voila!

Great hair.

Great beach hair is hair which works even when sprayed with salt water and blown by the wind. I get my hair trimmed before our beach holiday, and I make sure I use a product to protect my hair from the sunshine.  I would love to say I wear a hat, but my face is too round for me to look good in a hat!

Look after yourself.

Giving yourself an early night before you hit the beach. Remembering to take your water bottle to work. Quit smoking, or switching to vaping. Small changes make a big difference! So, are YOU beach ready?