5 Ways to Revive a Room

How to revive a room, without having to spend a fortune redecorating? I’m sharing 5 ways to revive a room, so whether you’re expecting guests or just want a change, you can get your room looking fabulous easily! While I know redecorating is simple, finding the time to move everything and get the work done just doesn’t happy as often as I would like! So, here are our 5 little tips to revive a room!

  • Declutter! Take out all the “stuff”, and then just put back the essentials, a blank canvas is better than an over decorated one!


  • Flowers, fresh flowers can really lift a room. I love the colour that fresh-cut flowers provide, and in winter that colour can really give a room great warmth. Over Christmas Ponesettia are great plants which will provide fantastic colour. House plants always look great in other peoples houses, but I struggle to look after them!


  • Consider your drapes. When did you last have your curtains cleaned? Could they be cleaned or do they need replacing? Replacing curtains or blinds can give a room a whole new look. If you have VELUX windows, buying VELUX blinds means you can make a room really cosy. Have fun with blinds, and make them a feature to your room by selecting a bold colour or pattern.


  • Light up your life! Take a look at your lampshades, do they need dusting? Consider adding a lamp or two to create softer lighting. We have some fabulous battery-powered candles which provide a gentle glow. They are ideal when you just need some peace and quiet!


  • Pictures on the Wall! Change the pictures you have hanging up, either move them around or replace them! Something as simple as buying a new picture frame is a good way to update an old picture, and charity shops are often a great place to find a bargain new frame!



Disclaimer: Collaborative Post.

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  • Azmi Quraishe

    I love the flowers idea! Especially in this weather, it’s wonderful how a few flowers can brighten spirits.