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12 Weeks Old.. Baby Update

How on earth have I got to having a 12 week old baby? 12 weeks have gone so quickly! I had thought I would sit and write each week as a record to myself on each of the little milestones we reach. But somehow, those posts are sat in draft and perhaps I will get round to publishing them one day. For now though, here’s a 12 week baby update!

Smiles and Frowns

In the last 4 weeks a little personality has started to develop quite noticeably. Noddy will stare at anyone gazing at him, wrinkling up his forehead while he takes their faces in. Once satisfied that they are worthy, his face transforms with a smile. It’s such a huge smile that you can’t help but smile back. I’m not sure I have ever been quite so emotional over a baby smile, but he really does melt my heart every single time he smiles.


There are still a fair amount of day time naps. What I have noticed is that daytime naps are now longer but less frequent. When Noddy is awake we are starting to play, he’s taking interest in toys – especially a brightly coloured rattling toy. The benefit of being the youngest is when his siblings are at home they give him constant entertainment – even when they’re not intending too!

Night time and we have had a few nights where N has slept for 5 hours! I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not going to be a regular occurrence for a while to get so much sleep – to save the disappointment when I am woken 2 hourly the next night with a miserable colicky baby. But, I have to be honest he IS quite good at night really!

Development steps..

I’ve been a little slack with tummy time. By 12 weeks the others were getting tummy time daily and were attempting to push up and roll. Noddy views tummy time as the perfect opportunity to chill out. Instead of trying to do anything at all, Noddy lays on his belly and makes happy gurgling noises. So, we need to work on encouraging him to enjoy tummy time as a physical activity!

There are so many little noises coming, and N is already trying to use the sounds at the right moments as though he is holding a conversation. It’s such a fun stage, though I have to keep stopping myself from responding with the same gurgling sounds! We’re going to start going to a weekly session at the library which is singing with a story too. It’s a nice way for him to see and hear other babies and toddlers.

That’s about it for our 12 week baby update!