What not to put down your drain.

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Have you ever thought about what should not be put down your drains? There a surprising number of items we shouldn’t dispose of down the drain. Do you know them all? When children are small, we spend a lot of time reminding them what can be put down the loo. But as adults it can be easy to forget even basic rules of what should not go into the drain!

Blocked Drains

While things like wet wipes are well acknowledged to cause serious plumbing issues. (Not just to the household, but wet wipes flushed down the drain could potentially disrupt entire towns by causing blockages in the wider sewage system.) There are also other items you should not flush to avoid getting a drain blockage. For example coffee grounds – how do you currently dispose of them? It’s so easy to just wash them ‘away’ down the drain, but the reality is they don’t wash away very well. Coffee grounds can, and eventually will block your drain.

What not to put down your drain to avoid Ecological damage.

There are also ecological problems caused by disposing of things incorrectly down your drains. Medication in particular can have a huge impact on ecology if it is flushed or tipped into the drains. Remember the best way to dispose of unused medication is by returning it to a pharmacy for safe disposal.

Below is a handy guide on what should never be put down your drain. Are any of these a surprise to you? Remembering to check what you’re disposing of down your drains could save you a large plumbing bill to unblock drains. It could also save you from causing ecological damage. Don’t forget to share this article with a friend!

Infographic created by Tunnel Vision Pipeline Services, a CIPP lining company