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Has baby arrived yet?


“Has baby arrived yet?” something I am already rather fed up of hearing and I’ve not even reached my due date yet. A friend who is a week over due seems to be getting asked this question multiple times a day, and I remember well when I went over due with my first baby everyone asking the same question…”Has baby arrived? I thought it was already due…?” then usually adding “Wow, you’re huge, it’s going to be a massive baby!”.

Let’s be clear, I love that people are interested in baby and its safe arrival into the world, but seriously I think you’d know if baby had arrived, especially if you are standing in front of me when you’re asking the question…yes.. seriously this has happened. I am wobbling about like a whale out of water attempting to prevent my 3 year old from loading the shopping with every box of chocolate cereal, and explaining to my 6 yr old why things aren’t priced in whole £’s.. and I get asked “Has baby arrived yet?” well.. let me see.. if the baby had arrived, where do you think I’ve put it exactly?! I was seriously tempted to start looking through the trolley and then announce  “no, no definitely not here..have YOU seen it yet?!”

So, let me state the obvious for a minute, it’s lovely that you’re interested in when the baby arrives but if you want to know when it’s due just ask something like “Oh how long have you got to go?” and wait for a reply, then reply sympathetically and not with an insult like “Oh look ready to pop already” as seriously if we look like that do you not think we feel like that too?! If the lady replies, well actually my due date was a week ago don’t reply with something like “Wow, bet you’re annoyed waiting aren’t you?” as yes, yes she probably is – especially if it is her first and guess what, you’re first in the line of fire for either the torrent of abuse which has been building or the floods of tears – or possibly both.

Have I made my point clear? Be interested in baby arriving, but don’t be annoying, rude or just plain stupid. Thank you.