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37 weeks pregnant..

I have managed to mark two huge occasions on the same day, my eldest son finished year 1 of school and I reached 37 weeks pregnant – i’m term! Hooray! I’m going to be honest, it’s hot and I am grumpy, ludicrously so, but other than that I feel ok! I am tired, but I generally feel good otherwise and certainly nothing too much to complain over! – Lucky me!

It’s HOT

The heat is a bit of a struggle, especially as the boys are both lively and want to go out and play all day where I am more inclined to want to be out for an hour then stick my feet in a bowl of cold water for two hours..! My favourite way to cool my feet is sinking them into the sandpit damp sand..sounds odd but it cools them slowly and softens the skin like a pedicure might too.. ha! All things considered, I think i’m managing the heat OK!

37 Week Midwife Check

I saw the midwife on Saturday, and was pleased that belly growth is on the chart, blood pressure is good and everything else is doing well too. Baby’s head is engaged, and apparently the pain under my ribs is due to the repeated kicks. Baby kicks fairly violently still, and certainly hard enough for me to let out a “OUCH..!” sound. I think the midwife thought I was exagerating the force of these kicks, until baby inflicted a double kick on the doppler..! Yes, I already have a  baby with attitude!!


I am in the mind set of needing to get everything done, and I have got a bit obsessed with ensuring that everyone has clean clothes and knows where to find them! I have had lots of braxton hicks – to the point when I’m having to remind myself that my belly won’t always be so beautifully firm, and they are so strong that they starting to stop me in my tracks – it’s quite entertaining when you’re out shopping and you can see people looking at you thinking “Oh lady don’t have your baby right now..please!!” while I stand rubbing my belly until they ease off.

The Bump..

Belly size.. my midwife admitted I do look like my bump is BIG when I’m standing..but it’s deceptive as when I lay down it is measuring perfectly. This might explain some of the comments which I’ve heard over the last week, and which have made me rather sensitive over my growing shape. I confess, I have had issues with food and my weight in my younger years, I had a very dominating boyfriend who used to encourage me to starve myself to conform to his idea of a perfect girlfriend..I was very young and naive. This unfortunately led to over eating as soon as I got the chance, i.e. as soon as we broke up. I’m fairly good at trying to eat a healthy diet, but admit that I was over weight at the start of this pregnancy and so pregnancy weight gain has only added to this. That said, I don’t *think* I have gained that much weight, and talking to the midwife she reminded me that now is NOT the time to be thinking about my weight, I’m healthy, baby is happy – these are the important things!


37weeks Baby Bump!


So, I have another appointment booked for 39 weeks with the midwife and I’m hoping baby might make an appearence sooner rather than later if only to ease the incredible pressure! Bring on the raspberry leaf tea and a hot curry! x



  • Molly

    Everyone’s bumps are different so I never understand when people make comments over the size of a bump. One woman may be carrying more water etc, and we all have different bodies! For what it’s worth I think your bump is lovely and doesn’t look massive – just right from where I’m sitting! Hurrah to 37 weeks, hope the heat gets more bearable and you find a moment to rest in between all that nesting! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub again – exciting, might be a baby update on the next one! xxx

  • Kelly

    Good to hear that you’re dealing fairly well with the heat! I am hating it so I’m pretty grateful that i’m having a winter baby 🙂 I also used to LOVE putting my feet in a damn sandpit – something strangely relaxing about having your toes in the sand isn’t there?

    I have similar, yet totally opposite, worries about my growing bump – also because of a very controlling ex. He did the opposite to me and would force me to eat crap food so I put on several stone. That way other men wouldn’t want to look at me (nice guy!) so I have very similar worries as you about the growing bump as I’ve tried to avoid putting on any extra weight again since losing it post breakup. Funny what these horrible men can do to us but I guess we just need to remember that the bumps are there for a very special reason 🙂

    Fingers crossed for some movement for you soon! 😀