3 Reasons Why Maternity Dresses Win Every Time

Collaborative Guest Post

I am always looking for ways to make the most of the pieces in my closet and maternity clothes can be tricky items of clothing to work into a wardrobe rotation. Obviously, there comes a point in time when you need to purchase them because regular pants and plus size clothing don’t fit anymore! But what kinds of clothes can you buy so that you spend your money well on the pieces that count the most? You will not wear these clothes forever, but they need to be versatile enough to wear them throughout the postpartum period and while breast-feeding.

There are so many maternity clothes options available to women who are pregnant! How do you choose which clothes to purchase in order to maximize your wardrobe? Maternity dresses are a favorite staple in every expectant mum’s wardrobe. Here’s why:

1)      They are comfortable! Have you ever tried to squeeze your cute 7-months-pregnant bump into those paneled shorts or pants? The panel in maternity pants can be quite itchy and uncomfortable. A maternity dress is always breezy and comfortably covers your bump without making you itchy.

2)      They are versatile! How many ways can a maternity dress be styled? A more versatile piece you will not find. With a cute pair of heels? Perfect. Boots for autumn? So chic. A cardigan? Cozy! Sandals? Perfect for warmer weather. The ways a maternity dress can be styled is seemingly endless.

3)      They show off that sweet bump! This time is a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime, 9-month period where your sweet baby is on display on the inside of your body, meaning you are on display too!

Even though you might not want strangers coming up to touch your bump the pregnant mum’s form is beautiful and should be appreciated!

Tell me – what was your must-have, favorite, go-to item of clothing when you were pregnant?