Dates for Gamers?

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Dates for Gamers? Have you ever been on a date with another gamer? If you’re single and looking for love, it’s always good to start by looking for someone who you share a mutual interest with. So, if you’re an avid gamer looking to date another gamer could be a great option. Why? Well, firstly, then you know you’ll have something to chat about during your date! And secondly, having something in common like gaming is a great way to build a relationship! Just imagine the costume possibilities at Comic Con events as a couple – who would you be? Would they be the Darth Vader to your Jabba the Hut? – Now that’s a marvellous combination of costumes I’d love to see!

Date for Gamers

Covid has complicated dating, especially for those who are single and looking for someone new. But, it is still possible to date while in a pandemic! I know of lots of people who ended up having dates online so they could chat with a potential new partner. Even having dinner or drinks in front of their screens – or sharing a film and chatting about it! Another option would be sharing an online game while you team up with your date to defeat the other team – though depending on how competitive you are this could end in disaster! If your team doesn’t win, make sure you’re ready to accept defeat! Or this could be a first and last date!

With a little imagination, dating during lockdown has thrived for many! Where to meet someone new? Well, you could try gamers dates who specialise in dates for gamers, geeks and cosplayers! It’s free to join and a way to meet and chat to like-minded people.

Gamers Date Ideas

So, once you’ve agreed a date. What could you do? One idea might be to meet up in your nearest town for a game of Pokémon GO! This would be an easy way to walk and talk, get your steps in, and of course it’s out in the fresh air! And you never know, you might be saying I choose you…to your new date! But, seriously, an outdoor date in the time of Covid, may feel more comfortable than an indoor one for some people.

Another Gamers Dating idea might be to attend a Cosplay event, Covid has limited the events which are on, but there are some events still on! I think events like Comicon are a great place to have a date, as there’s lots to see and do! But of course you would need to decide whether you were going to dress up. The fun though could be whether you share with your date what you’ll be dressing up as, just imagine the fun if you unwittingly dressed up as arch nemesis’s! If you like all the drama of cosplay you want to make sure a new partner is supportive of it. They don’t necessarily need to love it as much as you, but I think it’s quite important that they appreciate the effort which goes into some cosplay costumes!