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23 weeks pregnant Kicks that make you go wee in the night.

It’s 2.45am, I’m wide awake after being rudely awakened by a kick to my bladder..23weeks pregnant and already baby is showing me who the boss is! Each night for the last week I have been awoken in a similar manner, I wake up a little dazed and confused and then another sharp baby kick alerts me to my urge to wee thanks to the angle of the kick. I am struggling with indigestion tonight or should I say this morning(?!) which is adding to my discomfort! It seems like baby is using my whole belly like a giant trampoline – which is marvellous but I really wish baby could save this hyperactivity until after 8am..
I’ve been enjoying the Easter break with lots of outdoors time with the boys, although I have to confess my back and hips are struggling with SPD. I had Boo protesting when I needed a little sit down that I was “holding him up”, which made me giggle and I had to promise him pudding after dinner if I could just sit for two minutes longer! Sitting isn’t very comfortable either, but I needed to take the weight off my feet! Talking of feet, I have begun to live in my trainers, and I need to find some shoes which are comfortable but not trainers!
Bump photos I’m going to have to plan from now to be honest my arms aren’t long enough to hold the camera out and get a good photo..but here’s the 23 week bump photo, although it’s a definite bump, I’m still having to reassure people that I am actually pregnant and not extra weight! The negative side of the nausea dwindling, is I seem to always be hungry and I want to eat I am probably gaining rather more weight than I ought be..I am trying to make healthy choices, and load up with vegetables or salad at meal times,’s the snacks when I start craving pork pies or cream cakes..I can feel my waist line expanding just thinking about it! 

Ms G x