Cadbury’s turns top Eggsplorers into Eggheads!

Cadbury’s Easter Egg trails have become an annual treat for us, a real Easter treat combining outdoor adventures with chocolate – our perfect combination! This year the trails are themed with an “Eggsplorer” theme (do you see what they did there?). Cadbury’s held a poll to decide UK children’s favourite explorers of all time and in celebration of the results, the top 5 have been turned into special Eggsplorer Cadbury Eggheads and gifted to the explorers! 

In first place, Bear Grylls secured 24% of votes, with Sir David Attenborough coming in second place with 17% of votes, Christopher Colombus gaining 12% of votes, Helen Skelton gaining 9% and the surprise entry..with 6% of votes.. Ant & Dec!

33% of children said they wanted to be explorers when they grow up, with 68% of children who voted stating their parents had the best explorer qualities! Something I’m sure my son would agree with – although he may also point out the time I got us lost while we were out exploring and we had to use Daddy’s phone to locate us..! 

There are over 260 trails taking place over the Easter weekend, with lots of variety of venues to choose from! Last year we visited Foxbury in Hampshire, where we only had to pay the fee for the trail and not an additional entry fee, it was a marvellous event with plenty to see and do! You can check out where your nearest trail is here: Eggsplorer Easter trail