Meal Planning Monday W/C 21/04/2014

Having the Easter holidays has been great fun, but a little expensive on the meal planning front as we’ve had picnics and extra treats here and there. They’re not hugely expensive, but the addition of the extra cake or packet of crisps has impacted over the last two weeks! I popped and did a shop today, which was a mistake as taking the hungry 5 yr old along resulted in extras which I didn’t need but thankfully have a very long date on so his packed lunches should be sorted for the next two weeks! 

Packed Lunches look be a combination of these things over the week and will be for Boo and Mr G.

Chicken and Bacon Rolls (Using filler which was on offer and is a treat Boo has requested)
Ham Sandwiches (Home made bread)
Lemon Bakewells or Chocolate Rolls (Post- Easter Bargains)
Fruit pots (home made but in a plastic tub so they look like the shop bought pricey ones! We may do a jelly version to as it’ll stretch out the fruit we have in stock!)

Dinners look a little like this!


Sausages, Mash, Vegetables with gravy


Fajitas (for us)
Pasta (for boys – their request!)


Macaroni Cheese


Vegetable Curry


Home-made Pizza


Baked potatoes with beans


Salmon with noodles (or possibly veg if I remember to buy a bag of new potatoes!)


Variations on Easter Egg related dishes, to use up the eggs the boys got from family and friends over the weekend! I’ve discovered melting some chocolate for them to dip banana in is highly popular!

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Meal Planning Monday