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22 Weeks Pregnant – Do you have bump envy?!

I read an article on bump envy, and sighed as I wondered how many people have bump envy – comparing their bump to other pregnant ladies and deciding whether their bump looks better than yours? It’s not something I do? Am I abnormal in looking at other bumps and going “aww you’re pregnant to!” rather than “oh your bump is rounder than mine” or “Ha! Your bump is tiny look how big mine is!” or is my attitude OK? I fear that the media has caused us all to fall into a frenzy not just about baby weight gain and post baby weight loss, but about the actual baby bump itself. I know myself the shape of the bump depends hugely on how baby is laying, and the look of the bump is dependent partially on what I am wearing! Today I was wearing an over-sized jumper in a rather nasty synthetic fabric, as I walked my maternity trousers rolled down, and rather than looking pregnant I looked like my belly was an empty sack of potatoes.. hmm attractive! I have to confess I’ve started to worry that my bump is not big enough.. OK that sounds silly, but seriously I’m sure I was bigger at this stage with the other two? I keep reassuring myself that the 20 week scan was OK and I can feel the bump bouncing around, and the bump is not exactly tiny..OK..maybe I am worrying about nothing..I’m huge!

The week has flown, and I’m already counting down to the 24 week midwife appointment, and am armed with a long list of questions I want to ask her – most of which she’ll refer me back to the consultant with I’m sure, but hey ho!

Ms G x