2023 – Challenge

Oh my goodness it has been quite a start to 2023! Hurtling through January, I realise I’ve not taken the time to write a post for far too long. The last twelve months have been intensely busy. I have less time, and less enthusiasm to write here, in my familiar space. But, I am challenging myself to once again take time to write regular updates!

2023 Challenging myself

2023 I have decided to take on all the challenges which I have avoided for to long. The physical challenges are the greatest cause of excitement to me, and I’ll write more about those at another time!

I have challenged myself to spend more time at the theatre, and I am very much looking forward to a trip to the ballet coming up soon!

2022 saw me heading to the cinema frequently, something I had forgotten how much I enjoyed. I hope 2023 will have some fantastic releases.

The declutter, this is something I have attempted many times before and yet it has never been entirely successful. Someone always needs new shoes or a new coat and I’m not so good at immediately getting rid of the out grown ones. But this year, I will be ruthless! I think perhaps a more organised system of decluttering is the answer? A more regimented approach?

Make more time to read! I love a good book but my to read pile has grown greater than my read pile in 2022! Which doesn’t help with the decluttering process!

So, those are the 2023 challenges!