Buying a wedding outfit.

Wedding season is almost upon us! Like many other wedding invitees I am already planning my outfits! It isn’t always straight forward choosing a wedding outfit though! There are so many things to consider – including attempting to avoid turning up wearing the same outfit as another guest!

How to choose what to wear!

Choosing what to wear can often be narrowed down by looking at the venue! If the wedding is very outdoor based, you’ll want to choose a suitable jacket and shoes which will be OK in mud – forget the stiletto heels! I once attended a wedding which involved being sailed out to the reception. The amount of people who lost a shoe on the pontoon was laughable! I choose Kate Middleton’s favourite style – wedges! So, apart from a an unsteady moment on the boat I survived well!

Avoiding having an outfit twin.

This is tough as you don’t know who else will be at the wedding so you can’t compare notes! However, my top tip to avoid ending up with an outfit twin is.. Avoid buying the entire outfit as displayed in the store. Look to add different accessories and shoes from a different brand. That way even if you end up wearing the same dress, it is unlikely you will have styled it the same way!

Where to buy your outfit.

The big benefit of shopping in a store is you can easily access different colours or sizes with the help of the sales assistant. Sometimes though, I find shopping for formal attire in an actual store quite difficult, It’s hard to relax in changing rooms, and you don’t always have the right underwear or accessories on to compliment the outfit you’re trying on.

Ordering online to try at home means you can try the outfit in front of your own mirror, and take time to try different accessories to make sure you’re really happy. There are lots of ideas of where you could shop via at coolcatalogues.co.uk.

Those are my tips on shopping for a wedding outfit, now I just need to start shopping!


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