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Hair care and hair confidence!

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When you see someone for the first time, I think one of the first things you notice is their hair. When I think about hair, I always think of those shampoo adverts where women flick their glossy locks and strut confidently along. Or gorgeous male models with super shiny hair smiling confidently. Great hair makes you look confident! (and hopefully feel confident too!) So, how can you best care for your hair?

Happy hair!
Happy hair!

Hair care.

Massaging your scalp and using rich moisturising products can help give the appearance of great hair condition. I like to indulge in a once a week hair mask too – it’s my excuse to stay in the bath a little longer! I have started to have a bit of colour put through my hair as it also helps my hair to look in better condition – and of course cover the grey hairs!

Never go out with wet hair! I’m not talking about the tale that you might catch a cold! Always make sure you dry your hair thoroughly before going out, if you don’t it’ll get brittle. Brittle hair breaks easily and that makes thinning hair look even worse.

Invest in a silk pillow case! Silk will help protect your hair when you’re asleep as it creates less friction than e.g. cotton (or worse poly cotton blend). So in theory, you’ll get smoother less frizzy locks! I must admit my silk pillow case is actually handmade by myself, from an old unloved silk shirt. It is lovely to sleep on though, and I do notice that my hair is more manageable in the morning.

Dealing with hair-loss.

Getting your hair cut when it’s already thinning may be the last thing you want to do, but a good hair cut can help. Hair-loss for me was a huge problem after pregnancy. My hair got very thin, I kept it long hoping it would disguise the problem. It didn’t. Thankfully my kind hairdresser encouraged me to cut it shorter, and it instantly looked better as there were no thin straggly ends. I’d recommend anyone to find a really good hairdresser who makes you feel confident in their hands. Having my hair cut short, I admit I was dubious, but it was the best thing I’d done. My hair looked instantly healthier. It made a huge difference to my confidence too. If your hair loss is more substantial, there are treatments available to help with hair loss. So it’s always worth seeking professional help.

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