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5 Toddler activities for a day at home.

Keeping an active toddler busy isn’t as terrifying as it seems. Over the last few months we have had quite a few “at home” days. Either the weather has been bad, or Yo has been poorly. Anyone who has ever been in the company of a toddler will know once boredom sets in.. you’re in for trouble! So, here’s a list of our favourite 5 Toddler Activities for when you’re stuck indoors!

Playdough Picnic

Make a playdough picnic! This is currently one of my daughters favourite things to do, she will spend hours making “food” and laying it out carefully with me. You don’t need to buy anything, you can even make homemade playdough!

Read a book

Read a favourite book together – with all the funny voices of course! Yo has two favourite books, one of them is the Paperdolls, and so we spent some time making her own set of paper dolls. We then made lots of noise “acting” the story out. Books don’t have to be a quiet activity, you can add songs, actions and generally have lots of fun.


My two year old loves to “help”. This helping isn’t always “helpful” but is fun for us both. Sorting the “odd socks” is a favourite activity at the moment. We talk about the colour of the sock she’s looking to match, and whose socks they are. So, it’s quite an educational activity! She also loves to help bake, as she’s worked out that she gets to eat what we’ve made!

Cinema at home!

Put cushions onto the floor draw the curtains, and seat all the cuddly toys around the tv. We were sent the Teletubbies Big Hugs DVD, which was the perfect excuse for a cinema afternoon! My toddler loved learning about making friends, and as she’s at the stage of learning to meet new friends at playschool, it was really handy!

Toddler Activity


The DVD also came with a colouring book, which was meant we could talk about what we’d watched while doing some colouring at the table! Teletubbies Big Hugs is available now.


This is my daughters favourite activity, she loves helping add ingredients, mixing them together and of course eating the results! We mostly make simple fairy cakes, or chocolate krispie cakes, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun!