Slimpod Week 1 a mini update. #slimming

At the end of my first week using the Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer, I found myself posting an update on facebook exclaiming that I was disappointed with myself. I was disappointed with myself as I felt that I hadn’t achieved enough, I’d lost 1lb in weight – and that is.. nothing.. Then it occurred to me, actually if I were to create a visual representation of 1lb in weight with playdoh, it would be the size of my coffee mug..! For my first week using the slimpod, there had been no concious effort on my part to diet. I had not taken the attitude “oh no I’m on a diet I can’t have that”. If I wanted to eat something, I ate it. What altered quickly in the first week, was my desire to keep on eating. I noticeably had to sit and think about whether I really wanted to eat anything else or whether I was just eating ‘because’.

Things have been quite stressful with planning parties and holidays, and I think I’ve expected miracles. It’s quite easy to get disheartened when the weight doesn’t just drop off overnight. In reality changing bad habits takes time, and I have to remember how far I’ve come prior to starting the slimpod, and why I started using the slimpod. This isn’t about a sprint, it’s about changing my habits long term.

Week two, I understand I do need to move a bit more and make sure I attempt to choose the healthy options. I’ve also taken my measurements and I’m going to track them as well as my weight to see if I lose more inches than lbs!