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10 months old, baby update!

10 month old baby Yo is on the move.. she is crawling and climbing. The house is filled with her giggles and her smile lights up the room. The dynamic in the house has changed, the boys try their best not to get annoyed when she charges through their games, or pulls their things off the table, but naturally they do get annoyed.

The boys annoyance doesn’t spill out to Yo, it spills out against each other, and I feel like I am constantly having to break up an arguement with them, though this may in part be just their age and nothing to do with Yo at all! At the moment, even when I say “NO” firmly while Yo is attempting to clamber onto the window sills, I find she just giggles at me, and I am having to remove her multiple times and then use distraction techniques to prevent her from continuing her mission! She is already very strong willed it would seem!


Sounds, she babbles and has started to make sounds which are almost phrases. It also seems as though she has started to imitate words which we say, or the sounds of them atleast. I’m excited that words will hopefully come soon!

Food, Yo is keen to try anything we’re eating which is great, though frustrating if she has caught me quietly trying to nibble at a biscuit… She is still having breast feeds 3 times a day, though this week she’s actually had 4 feeds as she has been a bit grizzly and I suspect there are yet more teeth coming..

Yo has started to wake over night again, and she’s quite upset when she does, I wonder if she is having bad dreams? Or whether I just need to make the pre-bedtime routine a little calmer? The boys tend to rush about at bedtime, and there is a bit of a battle to make sure that teeth have been brushed, pyjamas put on and stories read. We have started to let the boys sit in their beds and do a little colouring in before we turn the lights out, just to try to encourage calm before sleep, I’m not convinced it is working although they do seem to fall asleep without quite so many “I need a…” so maybe it is!