Weaning – our essential list!

We are on well into weaning with baby Yo, and I thought I’d write a little list of things which have been really helpful in the first couple of weeks of weaning and I hope will continue to be!

Yo is our third child and in honesty, I’ve tried a lot of highchairs, but I have to say that the babybjorn is by far our favourite, yes it is pricey, but I have to say we thought it was worth the investment. We like it as it’s easy to pop your child in and out of, there’s no fiddling with straps, the table secures them! It supports a little person and is comfy for a bigger child too (E used it until he was almost 3). It sits nicely by the table, so baby can feel part of meal times with the family. It stores neatly, so if you are space limited this folds up and could stand in a cupboard if you want it put away. It is easy to clean, with a removeable tray which washes easily then clips back on! Seriously, there are very few places for food to lurk, so it is really easy to clean it even if you have a really messy eater!

Waiting for lunch, playing with all her toys!

I guess one of the negatives is there’s no reclining function, so you can’t let your child “relax”  in the high chair perhaps while they drink some milk after their meal, but I don’t really find this an issue as Yo is quite a sociable baby and keen to be involved at meal times – not wanting to relax until after we get down from the table.

We’re doing a bit of baby led weaning and a bit of spoon feeding puree, Yo seems really hungry and gets frustrated with just finger foods, so we started supplementing her with some puree. I have to be honest, when we’re out I want ease, and so we’ve found ourselves stocking up on Ella’s Kitchen, Yo’s favourite flavour is the Sweet Potato, pumpkin and Blueberry mix!


Bibs, I prefer soft cotton ones as they wash well and I have a huge supply of them! Some people prefer the sleeved bibs, but none of my children have got on with them very well, so I still with the ones which just protect the front of their clothes and roll their sleeves up!

Spoons, I like a flexible spoon for baby to hold, but a solid plastic one is easier for me to help her eat so we’ve a variety of spoon, one for me and one for Yo (which is softer and has a shorter handle) to hold. I think like most other baby bits, spoons come down to preference and what works well for baby and yourself!

Those are our make things easy with weaning essentials! Do you have any weaning essentials to add? Let me know!