The clingy baby stage.

We have entered a new stage with Yo who is now 8 months old, the clingy baby stage. That is to say, she cries at anyone who isn’t in the household. Grandparents are now smiled at with huge smiles, but when they lift her up for a cuddle, they are greeted with shrieks of horror and her arms stretch out to Mummy and Daddy.

Happiest surrounded by toys and as near to me as possible!
Happiest surrounded by toys and as near to me as possible!

The clingy baby stage appeared overnight, and was greeted with disappointment by some and amusement by others. Yo has always been a smiley baby who was happy to be cuddled by friends and family, so this sudden awareness that these people are not in her household and should be greeted with suspicion, is a bit of a change – although a natural stage of development. It does tie in with a reduction in the amount of breastfeeds she is having, and I do wonder if part of it is she’s missing them.

We are trying to make sure Yo is confident and not anxious, we’re reminding friends and family that she needs a few minutes extra to get used to seeing them, and we’re offering regular reassurance that all is ok. If I distract her with toys she will let me move out of sight leaving grandparents in charge, I just have to resist the urge to step in as soon as she cries – this is proving harder than it ma sound! Overnight is a little tougher, as she is waking up and crying until I resettle her, but she is already improving with continual soothing words as I wrestle to keep my eyes open! Though I did spend last night in the eary hours sat with her sleeping in my arms, wondering how I would sneak her back into her cot without waking her and the rest of the house in one sweep.. anyone else experience this?! Still it was nice to have a cuddle with my little girl, and a little quiet thinking time!

Do you have a clingy baby at the moment? Or any tips on how to handle it? Do let me know!