Going Green One Step At a Time.

With so many people wanting to go Plastic Free or make more eco-friendly it’s now really the time to make small changes to your lifestyle. Being green is cool. But, I also think there’s a danger of being exactly the opposite as people race to go green by replacing perfectly functional things with greener options. It’s not very green to throw away your re-usable plastic drinks bottle just to replace it with a stainless steel one!

Got it already?

If you already own something which is perfectly functional – i.e. a plastic lunch box think before you replace! Do you need a new more eco-friendly lunchbox? Or is your purchase just because you now feel awkward carrying your plastic lunchbox? If it’s the latter, remember that by throwing your lunchbox away it is worse than carrying on using it until the end of its useful life!

Don’t want it?

Ok, so you’ve decided you really don’t want your plastic bottle as you’ve lusted after that pretty stainless steel version for long enough! So what can you do to avoid your old bottle going to landfill? Rehome it, upcycle it, don’t just throw it away!

Replacing things…

Buy with care, look into your purchases. Often the cheaper versions of an eco-friendly product may not be quite so eco-friendly when you factor in the carbon foot print! It’s so important to research before you buy. Consider buying second-hand, all sorts of things can be bought second-hand and saved from ending up in landfill. I’ll write more about buying second-hand another day, but do check out my tips for charity shopping!

Baby Steps…

Remember, every small change you make adds up. So, making the change from disposable cups to a reusable cup you carry around with you is a great first step! Buying fruit and vegetables loose rather than in plastic bags, saying no to straws, choosing brands who don’t over package, buying local… these are all things which can be done one by one. Then move on to making the bigger swaps. Consider changing your normal shampoo from a bottle to a shampoo bar once your current bottle has run out, or maybe make a decision to learn how to repair your clothes!

What would be your top tip to someone wanting to go green but not knowing where to start? Let me know!