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19 weeks.. Colds, tiredness and emotions.

Wow.. 19weeks already the weeks are flying by! I have to confess the combination of a laptop breakdown (so this is written on the useless blogger app on my phone..) and a horrible cold have made this week a bit challenging. Colds in pregnancy are rubbish, hot ribena to drink and olbas oil dropped on a tissue by the bed has been so helpful, but I’m struggling with the lack of sleep adding to my “normal” pregnancy tiredness. I’m also struggling with a lack of appetite, nausea in part i’m sure brought on by the iron tablets.. However, it has encouraged me to tempt myself with fruit and vegetables with the odd handful of nuts thrown in. I’ve discovered cucumber sticks seem to go down well at the moment..I might start looking like a cucumber at the rate I’m eating them!

A big issue I’m struggling with is people who continually remind me of how unhappy I was after the ectopic, and talk about it as though those feelings were wrong. I was grieving, and those feelings of grief and desperation were normal! However, i am allowed to be happy, and move forward without that being questioned or reminded about one of the most horrific times in my life which by the way gets mentioned at every medical appointment anyway! On to happier things.. 

Baby is jumping about a lot! Which is wonderful, and it makes me smile each time I feel a wiggle! We have started thinking about names, but cannot agree on any of them.. Next week we could ask if baby is a boy or a girl, but I think we are going to keep it as a surprise, much to my dear friend T’s dismay! She thinks I’m crazy to want to wait to find out, and who knows I may well change my mind by next week! We have been looking into travel systems, while I will be doing a lot of baby wearing I still think I need a set of wheels! I think it’ll take us ages to decide as Mr G wants something sporty, while I want something modern but gorgeous! Who will win?! 

Ms G xx