Winter Wardrobe – A wardrobe for every season? #ACEWinterRefresh #Ad

 This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEWinterRefresh Challenge, sponsored by ACE for Colours Powder. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper and pick up the range at your nearest Morrison’s store or buy online on Amazon.

I am a great believer in looking after your clothes carefully! If you look after them carefully, they last longer, which is better for your money and the environment too as you buy less.

Growing up I remember my wardrobe being switched over from Summer, to Winter. Away would go the lightweight cardigans and dresses. Out would come jumpers, needlecord and tights! Colours would swap from pastels to mustards and reds. They were warming colours, and thicker fabrics too. It’s something I’ve continued to do as an adult with a family of my own.

The year round items…

Some items of clothing I know I will wear whatever the weather. Hoodies, jeans and colourful t-shirts are my families year round items. These never get packed away! This does mean that they need extra care to keep them looking good! Daily wear means they get marked and the colours dull. So I’ve used ACE to revive the colours and remove stains on my year round clothing!

It’s so simple to use in my washing, just add your normal washing liquid, then when the water starts to fill up your washing machine, add 2 tablespoons of ACE to your washing machine drawer! My coloured clothes have definitely looked a little brighter!

Winter clothes

My winter wardrobe involves quite a lot of wool, I really feel the cold! When I get my wool jumpers out they are ready to wear as I wash and dry them carefully before packing them away in a airtight container. (Cashmere I wrap in acid-free tissue paper, and if I remember I add some dried lavender to the box as I read it discourages moths!) .

I’m always keen to try to refresh my winter wardrobe by adding a few new accessories. If you regularly read my blog you’ll know I love to charity shop! I’ve shared my top tips for charity shopping so do have a read if you’re not sure where to begin! ACE has been a great help with my charity shop purchases. Sometimes you spot something which would be ideal to refresh your wardrobe, but there’s a mark on it – or it just looks really worn. I found a beautiful Boden jacket on the £1 rail of a charity shop. It had a nasty mark on the collar – but otherwise was in perfect condition. So I bought it, washed it, and the stain is much improved – although not completely gone. I should have pre-treated it with ACE, but I was so keen to get to wear it!

I think that it is a great addition to my Winter wardrobe! I’ll wear it with jeans or my jersey dresses and it will really revive my wardrobe. It’s so easy just to slip into dull shades in the winter months, so this vibrant jacket is perfect to keep my wardrobe colourful all winter!

Packing away summer clothes.

I wash and fold summer clothes ready to put away for next summer. Any little repairs get attended to – think lost buttons, or frayed hems. This year I repaired and put away over half term!

Some things I know I won’t wear again so I’ll put those straight into the charity bag. Another great reason to care for your clothes well, is that you can then pass them onto someone else to enjoy – I digress!

Carefully folding my clothes away for summer means that I will feel as though I have a new wardrobe of clothes when I get them out next year! I still add dried lavender to keep the moths at bay, (or atleast I believe it helps!!) but I don’t worry about using tissue paper as most of my summer clothes are either cotton or linen.

Where to store your clothes out of season?

Store your clothes somewhere dry! I store mine in air tight containers in the bottom of my airing cupboard – it works well for me! I do know of people storing clothes in blanket boxes, or up in their loft. As long as your clothes are stored clean (moths love dirt marks on clothes…!) and dry, they can be stored wherever works for you!