Summer Holiday Fun

With the summer holidays starting to loom just round the corner parents everywhere are living with a growing fear; What am I going to do with them all day for six whole weeks? Not everyone can afford to jet off to Spain for a few weeks and not everyone has endless relations on hand to look after the little darlings on alternate days.
So if you are going to be with your nearest and dearest for six weeks just what can you do to make something to look forward to rather than something to approach with trepidation and dread? 

Get Your Whole Body Moving!

Get everybody feeling active by taking the whole family to the park for the day. Pack a healthy picnic with salad faces and crudités with dips and encourage everyone to get going in some way or another. Perhaps the boys might like to kick a ball about, the girls might like to go roller-skating; now cool again thanks to films like Whip It and specialist sports shops such as The Skate Hut selling ‘cool’ clothing as well as sports equipment. If you get the children hooked on a new sport early on in the holidays, this activity can be repeated and enjoyed while ever the weather isn’t too bad.
If you want to really go for it, perhaps invite another family or two along and set up a ‘sports camp’ for the day with each parent taking responsibility for a different activity. This gives children social time with their friends and a whole host of different activities to enjoy. Plus you could split the responsibility for equipment and more importantly food and drink for that healthy picnic between all the parents, easing the burden on yourself. Genius!

Get Creating!

Youngsters like nothing more than the feeling that they have created something of their own that is theirs to keep and enjoy. Latch onto this natural engagement in creative activities by taking your youngsters to specialist art workshops like the ones run by Artbugs Studio near Leeds. If it’s your child’s birthday over summer, they can even hold arty parties which cater for groups to make and create all sorts of exciting things.

Another popular creative activity is to go den building in the woods to create a shelter to play in. You could even use a particularly successful shelter as a base for other exciting woodland activities such as trailing, collecting rubbings or drawing animals. For even more exciting creative activities check out Pinterest which is full of posts like ‘101 almost free things to do with kids this summer

Disclaimer: This post was provided for me by Victoria Sharpe, the thoughts and opinions do not necessarily reflect my own.

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