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Now you are 2..

My darling daughter, you are two, 2 years old! I can’t believe how quickly the last two years have flown, where have they gone? You have grown into a funny, chatty little girl with a strong will. You talk beautifully, and seem to learn lots of new words every day, repeating new words you hear – not always a good thing! 

Yesterday, you started playschool, I was worried as you will be by far the youngest, but you loved playing and came home exhausted to then ask if you could go again today! Today you are sat curled up on my lap, we’re watching  cartoons and I have no intention to move until we have to. I realise that you’re growing fast, and how short a time ago it was your biggest brother sat on my lap, and now he is too busy with LEGO or football for time-wasting cuddles with me.

My role is changing, you’re so independent, many times I hear you say “No Mummy, I do it!” and you’ll struggle to get your shoes on your feet, or try to cut your dinner up. While I watch and wait to be allowed to help. I know you still need me lots, but the baby stage is truly gone, even your dummy went a month or two ago.

Bedtime with you is.. hellish. First of all you won’t get into bed and when we get you into bed, you need someone to stay with you until you fall asleep or you scream.. I know we shouldn’t let you demand this attention at bedtime, but it’s tough when you brothers find your tears distressing. Tonight, I’m hoping something will change, tonight I’m hoping you’ll fall asleep happily without a fuss, but we’ll see. I’m sure we’ll get it sorted before you’re three..I hope..

Play, it’s all about being outside and playing with dolls. You love your dolls, and spend a lot of time carrying them around taking care of them. You also love to climb and whizz down a slide, often your dolls go down the slide with you too. You’re just as happy playing with cars though, and will tell your big brothers off if they take the car you want to play with! You’re learning slowly to share, you are stubborn though so sometimes you have to think about giving it up for a while before you will actually share whatever it is we’re asking you to share! I can’t wait to see what the next months bring with you my wonderful little girl! x