What’s in Your Pocket?

I was recently approached to take part in the What’s In Your Pocket? blogger challenge, it’s all about celebrating life’s little wins and we were challenged to imagine what we would do with £20 if we found it in our pocket with a grand prize of £200 being awarded to one lucky winner. This challenge couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, with a week until pay day and another child with chicken pox..we’re stuck in and feeling a bit glum. 

As we’re quarantined at the moment, I considered that I’d like some nice PJ’s to lounge about in, and found an amazing deal via Money Supermarket with La Redoute which gives you £15 off your first order when you spend £30 AND free delivery! Bargain! Sadly, I couldn’t find any pyjamas which I loved enough to part with my money, I have however bookmarked it for future reference!

I asked E (who has chicken pox) what he would spend money on, his reply “chocolate, and Mickey Mouse”. A simple request or so you would think, but i quickly realised he meant he wanted me to supply life size actual walking talking Mickey Mouse..even with my best thrifty skills I’m not sure I could oblige and I began to wonder why on earth I was even asking a 2yr old what he would spend £20 on! 

So, still sat at the laptop and no nearer to deciding what I was going to spend my money on, it occurred to me why I was struggling. Having £20 to just spend on whatever I want, is a real novelty and I’m finding it tough as there are SO many things I could do with it! I could go for a carvery dinner with Mr G for £10, I could treat the children to a new toy or new school shoes, hey even a day at a spa if I shop around. Alternatively, I could blow half on something which would make us all smile, and save the remainder towards our holiday fund, we’d love to go back to Disneyland Paris one day.

In the end, I decided to indulge our sweet tooth with some luxury chocolate from Hotel Chocolat, something we’d never normally buy ourselves! Having looked at Money Supermarket, I discovered I could get free delivery with a special Hotel Chocolat discount code, which actually meant it was cheaper for me to buy on line than drive to a store – no petrol or parking to pay for! I’ve treated us to Caramel Buttons and a Billionaire Shortbread selector (it seemed appropriate to have that!) and with the total bill coming in at £9, I have £11 to pay into our savings account which reminds me, I really ought to see if I could get a better rate to make those £’s grow faster!

Update!! Our chocolates arrived! x

So, if you had an extra £20 in YOUR pocket, what would you do with it?

Ms G xx

Disclaimer: I was supplied with £20 to participate in the competition, this post constitutes my entry, all thoughts and words are my own.