Chicken Pox… AGAIN

It honestly feels as though we’ve not had a single week where we have been germ free as a family since Boo started school, and this week is no exception. Last night, I noticed an angry looking spot on Elvis’ back, I looked closely (using a torch..) and instantly realised it was filled with liquid and therefore it looked like he was getting chicken pox..he had until now avoided them! This morning, he is covered in pox, they are all over his tummy and back, his head and a few on his face. He feels miserable and is constantly wanting to be cuddled, nappy changes are unpopular..as yes he spots all over.

I have liberally applied calamine lotion already this morning, I know there is lots of discussion on whether this is actually beneficial, but it certainly helped Boo to both heal spots and generally feel a bit more positive that we were doing something. Mr G has taken Boo to school as while I know chicken pox germs are in the school, it doesn’t seem very kind to knowingly infect people who may not be immune for whatever reason. So, E and I are sat at home having a warm drink while I try to think about all the things we can do to keep him entertained and his mind off itching! Oh, and take mine off itching too, as to be honest looking at his spots is sort of making me itchy remembering how hideously I had chicken pox as a child, and how I still bare at least two scars from my inability not to scratch the spots.

Ms G x