We’ve got spots..Chicken Pox.

Boo has been off school since Friday with what I assumed was just another virus, he had a bit of an upset tummy and a temperature, so I didn’t think too much about it until lunch time yesterday when we noticed some very angry spots appear on his tummy. Instantly I thought chicken pox, it’s been going around the school for months so it would seem obvious, but Boo’s spots didn’t have the classic fluid filled appearance. “Have you been scratching Boo?” I asked, he shook his head “No, these spots are horrid aren’t they!” he replied looking down at his tummy covered in a small number of very angry looking spots.

This morning a few more spots had appeared, and after a restless night I decided that we ought to just get him checked out. A mammoth mission ensued to get to the Doctors surgery due to an accident on the main road clogging up our normally quiet village roads. Getting sent straight into the nurse Boo was asked “Erm, have you been itching these..” he looked coyly at his feet and replied “Yes..they are very itchy!” Chicken pox was diagnosed and I almost sighed with relief as they are such horrid spots I was wondering what else they might be! So with a list of advice, and a reminder to watch out that he doesn’t get infection in the itched spots, we were on our way. 

Boo is so upset about these spots, as they’re not just ugly they’re uncomfortable to, so I’m having to think up lots of busy activities which don’t exhaust him too much! So far, I’ve spent the morning building lego helicopters..which have been dismantled faster than I can build them!

Have your children had chicken pox? How did you soothe them and keep them busy?

Ms G x