Fabulous Fun T-shirts for all the Family!

A little while ago we were asked if the boys would like to try out some t-shirts from Kids T-shirts who are a British company specialising in t-shirts which have great designs are fun to wear and easy to wash – essential if you have to messy boys like me!

The boys were delighted when their parcel arrived, especially Boo who at 4 1/2 has just decided he is big enough to choose his own clothes, so he was keen to give his opinions!

I was instantly impressed with the quality of t-shirt, especially the ones for Elvis they’re size 24 – 36months and have washed really well – even after being smothered in ice-cream and finger paints! 

I discovered trying to photograph E standing still anywhere was virtually impossible..I lack photography skills at the best of times and a moving subject is too much for my point and shoot photography tactics!

This ‘half pint’ t-shirt is quite possibly my favourite, it’s a great colour (although others are available to!) and I love the slogan! The t-shirts are a great fit, and retain their shape very well after washing which is essential if you’re buying for young children!

E was also sent this fabulous bright red t-shirt with Monster (or Alien as he calls it!) on the front, it suits his cheeky personality and he’s very keen to wear this one! 

I unfortunately dried this t-shirt over the radiator so it does have a crease across the image in this photo but I once it has been washed again I’m sure it’ll be back to perfect! There is something very special about this t-shirt too, the monsters eyes and teeth glow in the dark, which make it great fun and we’ve had plenty of amusement hiding under a blanket to get the monster to glow!

Boo was a more willing model, and here is posing in his hero t-shirt:

 Although he’s only 4, Boo is wearing the age 5-6 which fits him really well across the shoulders and the length is good to, but it is a bit wide on his tummy as he’s very tall and slim – just like Mr G! Boo says this is his favourite t-shirt, and he certainly seems very keen to wear it! The print is really bold and inspires Boo’s imagination as this super hero retains an air of mystery! 
Boo was also sent a fabulous biking print shirt which I’m sure he will wear loads this summer. The print is really fun and rivals some of the trendy big brands in my opinion! Photo to follow, so watch this space!

My thoughts, the t-shirts are very good quality with great original prints designed in the UK, which wash extremely well in my experience. Kids T-shirts are reasonably priced and are currently offering free postage when you purchase 3 t-shirts, which I think is a great offer! Oh and don’t be put off by the company name, they do grown up t-shirts too, check them out here!