Weightloss is slow.

It’s been a while since I wrote an update on the post-baby weightloss, so I thought it was about time I updated! I’ve sat down to write this post multiple times, and each time I’ve given up after the first paragraph. Weightloss is slow progress, after you have initially¬† lost a few lbs, things slow down, that’s natural, that’s OK, but it is disheartening. I am the most impatient person in the world, and when I don’t see instant results, I get frustrated, I sabotage myself with that chocolate biscuit which has been calling me for weeks, though I don’t stop there..I eat the packet. Yes it’s stupid, but that’s my battle with food, a long battle which I’ll write properly about another day.


How’s the weightloss going?!

I have been “off diet” for a week, I have however kept up the extra exercise, and so even though I’ve been eating all manner of junk I’ve managed to just stay the same weight all week. This will however not continue, and I know unless I get a grip on things the weight will creep back on. I have lost in total 18lbs since starting my weightloss, it’s been a bumpy journey but one everyone has noticed, and I get comments about how well I look, I still have a very long way to go though. My logic has always been that it takes 9 months to make a baby, so 9 months to get back a recognisable body is reasonable, though I know my belly will never be the same! Baby Yo is going to be 9 months old in two weeks, but I’ve not actually been trying to lose weight or exercise until she was 6months..maybe I’m not doing too badly afterall?! If I get back on track in 6 months time I should be on top physical form again? I’m not going to lie, it has been difficult to get back into good habits, and the bad habits creep back so easily, but I remind myself that everytime I walk up that hill rather than drive up it, my body is benefitting a tiny bit, but with tiny steps long journeys are made.


Why am I losing weight and what I’m learning!

I think it’s important to remind myself why I’m losing weight, this is not for anyone else, this is something I want to do as I don’t feel comfortable the way I am currently. I know there will a lways be someone who says I need to be thinner or fatter, and no matter what I do I will never look as they “think I should” I have set myself a goal, and I am working towards it, it’s my goal and no one elses. It’s a slow journey, but a happy journey, I celebrate the little victories of a pound off here or there and the feeling of my jeans getting looser is terrific! I am learning food is not a reward, food is a fuel and not something which I should use for control, but to energise myself. I think that is perhaps the hardest (yes it is probably obvious to most), but best lesson I’ve learnt so far on this weightloss journey.


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  • Jackie

    Like you said, it’s a slow process so don’t get discouraged. You already know what you have to do, just find ways to actually enjoy it now. Good luck!