Ways to manage when you get an unexpected bill.

As many families know, there are times when money can be tight. For us September is an expensive month, back to school and all the expenses which go with it. I budget carefully, allowing for school shoes, bags and all the other bits and pieces which go along with back to school. But sometimes, I stretch us a little bit too much. Then, we end up with a bill I wasn’t expecting – the car needs repairing or the boiler breaks down. So, how do we cope when we get an unexpected bill?


Stretch the budget!

If you can, stretch your budget. Food shopping is often a way to cut the budget a little. We will write a list of meals, and then write the shopping list for the meals. There are so many wonderful Autumnal recipes which are economical to make for a family. Making a stew is very economical, and healthy too. A roast chicken can make a dinner, packed lunch, and then you can use the bones to make stock for a stew too. It’s always worth looking for coupons too. Cancel any services which you can, we cancelled our monthly TV subscription which was a useful saving.

Sell what you can

Sell what you can! That outgrown bike? Put it onto Gumtree or a local selling site. It may not appear to contribute much towards your bill, but it really will help! Also, don’t forget that places like GAME will buy your Phones, Games and Devices, but you do get a reduced price compared to taking store credit.

Look at your options

Is there a way to pay for the bill later? Would they take instalments? Or could you consider a getting a loan? Research by Cash Lady has shown that the number one reason for taking a loan is due to an unexpected expense. Don’t forget if you’re really struggling with your finances, speak to