Water pressure problems, where does the water go?

We’ve had a new boiler installed, hooray for a limitless supply of hot water and some water pressure in the kitchen! However, in our bathroom, when we come to run a bath in the evening the pressure is so low that we have to think ahead and start running the bath well before we want to leap into it. With the average household of 4 using 450 litres per day it is unsurprising that at peak times our water supply can struggle! I’ve been looking into what we can do about it, and Water Pressure Problems has a simple test to help you work out if you really do have low pressure (and we really do!). We live in an area with a constant water shortage, and this actually plays a role in our lack of water pressure..read on!

The government is trying to encourage us all to use less water, and with more households having water meters fitted as part of the national compulsory scheme, which aims to make us pay for what we use to encourage reduced usage. Inevitably households may fear further drops in water pressure as the water companies try to further reduce water wastage. So, where does the water go and where could we save water? As a household, we already collect rain water to use in the garden, but I wonder if there is more we could do, or where we could use a little less water? 

Have a read of this infographic for ideas on where the water really goes..



Post written in collaboration with www.waterproblems.com