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Save Energy, Save Money!

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Save Energy, Save Money! Is it really that easy? Put simply yes! We don’t have a meter to monitor our usage of energy, but I try to keep an eye on our energy use, as it really does make a difference to our bills over the course of a year. If you have an energy monitor it should be easy to work out where your energy goes! I have worked out that much of our usage is on lights and charging devices.

I try to encourage everyone to remember to turn off the lights when they come out of a room, although it’s hard in the winter months, we are all getting better at remembering! But I’ve been learning more about the best light bulbs, you can read more in the article below! With regards to charging devices, I’m trying to be a bit more savvy not leaving devices in standby, but turning them off. Turning chargers off at the wall, and the same for the TV and microwave – I switch them off at the wall! It may only be a tiny amount of electricity saved but it adds up over a year – just in that little glow!

More ways to save energy

I think we’re fairly savvy when it comes to our heating usage. I have a thermometer and I keep the house at a comfortable temperature. Every year before winter I have a check list which I work through, including things like thermal linings for the curtains. They really do make a difference at keeping the warmth in a room. If you’re on a budget, keep your eyes peeled in charity shops as thermal linings do turn up, although you may need to buy the set of curtains they come with!

I’ve been sent this Energy Saving Checklist, and it is really handy if you’re looking for little ways to save your energy, how many do you do?

Checklist created by Lightbulb Wholesaler bulk light bulbs

Save money this Valentine's Day and your chance to Lindt chocolates with wowfreestuff.co.uk


With January almost over, thoughts are turning to Valentine’s Day! But as it’s there’s only been one pay day since Christmas for many people, Valentine’s day comes at the worst time of year! But, it is still possible to make your loved one (or yourself!) Feel special without breaking the bank!

Save money!

Before you buy a gift, remember to check for discount codes on sites like wowfreestuff.co.uk. Even a small discount adds up on multiple purchases!

Have a night in.

Order a takeaway or have a picnic in bed watching your favourite films! No worrying about a babysitter or expensive bill at the end of the evening!

Give a free gift – or low cost gift.

A gift doesn’t need to cost a fortune! An i.o.u. for breakfast in bed or a handmade card are a lovely way to show a loved one you care.

Look out for free stuff!

Wow free stuff have a great competition running to win 1 of 30 boxes of Lindt Valentine’s boxes – head to their site to enter! Yes there are 30 chances to win!

Best of luck!

How to Prep Your House for Carpet Layers

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So, have you chosen the new type of flooring and hired the professional to install it for you? Well, your task does not end here. There are several other things you can do that will be of tremendous help to the carpet contractor even before they arrive for the job according to Dober Floors.


These prep steps are really simple to do and do not require any expertise or skills at all. Nonetheless, these are quite necessary if you really want the installation process to end faster.
• Come Up with A Workspace: It is needless to say that when carpet installers arrive, they will need a separate space to work both inside and outside. It will be of great help to them if you could find them a proper space to park their truck. Since they will have to move in and out of the house often, it will also be a good idea to make this simpler for them. The faster they are able to work, the sooner will the installation job complete. When it comes to a workspace inside the house, it is already pre-designated.
• Lay down A Trail: When carpet installers work, they often have to move in and out of the house. Sometimes they may leave behind mud, sweat, dirt, and footprints in your house. These professionals carry heavy equipment behind them, which may easily cause damages to your property if not careful. Thus, it is always better to lay down a trail from the entry of the house to the area where the job is being done. You may use old towels for this or even drop clothes and cardboard. It will be a good idea to adhere these materials. Use a tape to affix the drop clothes or cardboard firmly on the ground to prevent any person from slipping while walking with heavy equipment with them. It does not make any sense if you are trying to save your floor and making it more dangerous for the professionals to walk around.
• Clear Out the Way: Normally, carpets are installed in rooms that witness high traffic, such as your family rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. There may be several precious and personal items of yours in the area through which the contractors may walk. It will be a good idea to get rid of all valuables that can easily break and are fragile before the actual work starts. Things like costly vases, glassware, and flowerpots should be removed to prevent them from getting damaged as the work commences. When contractors carry heavy equipment with them, it will not be simple for them to keep an eye on these items. There may even be costly items in the rooms where the carpet is supposed to get installed. Things like television sets, wall decorations, furniture, and beds should be removed from the room where you wish to install the new carpet. The emptier the room, the better it will be for the professionals while they work to install the new carpet.

Removing Toxic Things from Your Life for Improved Health

Have you ever wondered why no matter how much you diet and exercise, you still can’t seem to lose weight or improve your health? There are lots of reasons this could be happening, but one thing people tend to forget to factor in is the toxicity in their lives. From the air you breathe to the people you center yourself around there are toxic things that slowly eat away at your mental and physical health. Failure to detox or remove yourself from those things first can make your journey towards healthier living a lot more troubling. 

What are some toxic things you should remove from your life? Check out this list below: 


Cigarettes are highly toxic and extremely addictive. Smoking eats away at almost every part of your body causing issues that range from heart disease to cancer. It reduces your ability to breathe, deprives you of your youth, and so much more. If you’re smoking it’s time to let it go. There are plenty of ways to quit smoking whether you use medications, chewing gum, patches, or vape pens, just do what it takes to remove this from your lifestyle. 


Stress is necessary at times, but when a person’s lifestyle is constantly stressing them out it can become toxic. Too much stress causes the body to go into fight or flight mode which sends stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline rushing through your body. It raises your heart rate, increases your blood pressure, dampens your mood, drains your energy, and puts you at risk for a number of mental and physical health conditions. 

Though stress is normal, you need to find ways to remove it from your life if it’s constant. Sort through issues you may be having at work or home, get organized, simplify your life, learn how to say no, and more importantly, know when to ask for help. 

Friends and Significant Others

The people you have in your life can also be toxic. They drain your energy and wear you out emotionally. There are lots of ways to describe a toxic relationship. You may have friends who are always out partying, drinking, and smoking or picking on you for imperfections like your weight. Your significant other might be verbally or physically abusive or they might be extra dependent on you or very controlling and insecure. As much as you may care about these people, they are sucking the life right out of you. Letting go might be bittersweet, but it’s worth it. Find a straightforward but neutral way to remove them from your life (unless of course, there is abuse going on then just get out of there). 

Fast and Processed Food

Burgers and fries from your favorite fast-food restaurant might taste great but it really isn’t good for your health. Most food today consumes a lot of toxic ingredients that lead to health issues down the line. They are high in salt, sugar, and other additives. They’re also genetically modified which isn’t good either. Your diet can be linked to so many health problems from weight-related issues like diabetes or high blood pressure to more serious issues like autoimmune diseases and cancer. 

It is best to start looking for recipes that provide healthy alternatives to things you enjoy eating out. If you’re a fan of burgers and fries, try a turkey or veggie burger and sweet potato or zucchini fries. Love pizza? Try wheat crust, goat cheese, and veggies. Some people even start with a green smoothie cleanse to try and adjust their pallets before starting a new diet. Drinking raw fruits and veggies for a few days can really give your body the jumpstart it needs to ditch fast and processed foods for good. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to toxic things in your life that need to be removed. However, if you start here and continue your healthy habits like dieting and exercising, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to reach your health and fitness goals. 

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The cost of being a Single Parent

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Being a parent is expensive! A day out or trip to the cinema quickly add up. Tickets, drinks, snacks and that’s not including the cost of travelling to get there! With the Easter holidays coming up, many parents may be beginning to make plans on how to spend the holidays.

There are some offers available for family tickets, which offer a discount. Some of these you do need to book in advance, so it is worth checking online in advance of visiting. But, many family tickets are aimed at two parent families. So, if you’re a single parent family, you miss out on a discounted ticket. Which doesn’t seem very fair! Payplan have created an info-graphic which shows some of the financial pitfalls of being a single parent;

It shouldn’t be so difficult to participate in family deals just because you’re a single parent family. While some savings on family tickets may seem small, it is still the cost of a loaf of bread – and this may make the difference between a day out being viable or not.

Christmas and making the most of your home.

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Ahh Christmas, the time when many of us have family and friends over to visit. I’m the first to admit I love entertaining, but as a bigger family, we have a lot of “stuff”. Christmas always adds to our “stuff”. The Christmas tree, decorations, gifts… it is all stuff. So how do you balance having a wonderful Christmas with having a wonderful home? 

Rid yourself of clutter Pre-Christmas

So, for me the de-clutter pre-Christmas is an on-going process! I am going through outgrown clothes, toys and unwatched DVDs. Then dropping them off at the local charity shop. I get a tidy home, they get new stock – everyone is a winner! It’s a great time to clear out, and you may even be able to sell some of your unwanted items via local selling sites too.

Storage is an investment!

The children have toys which I can’t get rid of, so I have discovered finding nice storage really helps to keep us looking tidy! It doesn’t need to be expensive or flat packed, we have a great vintage mini trunk which looks great and is a godsend at storing LEGO! Choose storage with care to suit the style of your decor and it will work well for you!

Consider how to best use your living space.

Our kitchen is quite roomy, and I have worked out that using the kitchen as a living space is vital to having a happy home! It has meant thinking carefully about making sure it feels homely, but it really works for us!

Moving furniture around to maximise floor space can help, I’ve moved a sofa to the opposite side of the room to create a less cosy but more roomy sitting area for the Christmas holidays!

One option for next Christmas if you have space, could be a garden room, which would be ideal as either an extra playroom or a grown up space! Perfect to keep for entertaining friends or just when you need somewhere quiet to hang out!

So, you want to update your bedroom?

So you’ve decided you want to get your bedroom done. You want a bedroom to relax in, and ideally put a ban on the bits of LEGO and Peppa pig toys which seem to end up everywhere when you have young children! Finally, your room will be a place of tranquility. But, where do you start? Here’s a couple of hints to get your started: Continue reading

Treat your pets for Black Friday!

So it’s Black Friday, why not make the most of savings to treat your pet! Petshopbowl black friday deals are on now until Monday and by stocking up on your furry friends favourites, you could save a packet!



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Water pressure problems, where does the water go?

We’ve had a new boiler installed, hooray for a limitless supply of hot water and some water pressure in the kitchen! However, in our bathroom, when we come to run a bath in the evening the pressure is so low that we have to think ahead and start running the bath well before we want to leap into it. With the average household of 4 using 450 litres per day it is unsurprising that at peak times our water supply can struggle! I’ve been looking into what we can do about it, and Water Pressure Problems has a simple test to help you work out if you really do have low pressure (and we really do!). We live in an area with a constant water shortage, and this actually plays a role in our lack of water pressure..read on! Continue reading