Unwanted Tattoo?

Have you got a tattoo? I spent some time discussing tattoos with a friend a while ago. We were chatting about how tattoos were almost a right of passage when we were in our twenties. When you wanted to mark an occasion, or just make a statement a tattoo was the answer.

I remember stumbling into a tattoo parlour on my 20th Birthday, desperately trying to get a large bat tattooed on my back. My boyfriend at the time was planning to get a matching tattoo, and I thought I’d surprise him with mine being done first. I explained what I wanted in the way of a tattoo, and where I wanted it. I’d drawn out the design, and knew exactly how I wanted it to look. The design was clever, and I’d managed to intertwine his and my initials.

The tattoo artist looked at me, and told me he felt I needed to think a little more carefully. I went away feeling annoyed I hadn’t been able to get the tattoo. I contemplated trying another tattoo parlour, but didn’t – thankfully. The relationship didn’t last, and I didn’t get stuck with a bat tattoo and someone else’s initials on my back. But, it could have been so different.

Tattoo Removal

I know of several friends who have a tattoo they really regret. Obviously a tattoo is intended to be a permanent mark, but it is possible to get tattoos removed at places like City Tattoo Removal.

Apparently, the average number of treatments to remove a tattoo using PicoSure/PicoWay is between 4 and 8. You also need to allow 4-8weeks gaps between each treatment. This is a much quicker process than traditional tattoo removal.


Removing a tattoo is a long process, but one worth considering if you have a tattoo you really wish you hadn’t had! Or perhaps it is just no longer a tattoo which you associate with. You can learn more about the process at Pulse Light clinic who offer a free consultation to advise on individual cases.



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