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The Sun Mousse – Sunshine Essential!

The Sun Mousse was at the top of our list of things to pack for our holiday this year, no more stress as I try to apply sun cream to my children!

The Sun Mousse means no more dripping sun lotion or messy sun cream, just squirt the mousse and rub it in, a couple of golf ball sized squirts per limb is ideal. My children have said it is more fun to apply as it isn’t cold against their skin. It rubs in easily, and so for even the most wriggly, restless child applying sun mousse for us has been less of a battle! It’s hard to “wash off” so perfect if you are spending the day at the beach or by the pool, obviously you’ll still need to re-apply but less fear of burning while in the water.



We were sent the Kids version, and the grown up version too. The Kids version is only available in a SPF 30 or 50, the adults version is available in SPF 50, 30, and SPF 20 too.

It is paraben free and fragrance-free, and has proved to be quite kind to my sons sensitive skin. It is well packaged so less likely to leak in your bag, though my only grumble is the outer plastic lids aren’t as strong as they could be (ours were broken when they arrived). It’s priced at £19.99 so a little bit more expensive than conventional sun lotions, but in our view it is worth it for the ease of application!




Disclaimer: We were sent the product for the purposes of an honest review, we tried the product out during our #familymoon. All thoughts, images and opinions are our own.