The lazy girls home Spa..

I’ve never been to a real spa (cue sighs from audience) but I am a fan of giving myself a bit of pampering and trying to create a spa experience at home!

A bath filled with glorious bubbles and lit with tea lights surrounding it (or a torch works too..point it at the bathroom ceiling!) is my perfect start to a pampering evening, and I usually slap on my favourite face mask which is currently a Charcoal mask from The Sanctuary range at Boots. I let myself just soak in the bath, and after I’ve removed my face mask, the pampering really begins!

I love to treat my hands, a home made hand scrub is so easy to make, (I use granulated sugar and olive oil mixed together and then massaged into my hands.) leaving my hands super soft and smooth! Then I treat myself to a coat of nail polish, in a vibrant colour, as it lifts my mood!

For my feet, I don’t have the patience to pamper them properly, so I cheat, rubbing on a rich moisturiser, pulling on a pair of cotton socks and putting my feet up with my favourite magazine. I indulge in freshly squeezed orange juice as it feels really indulgent and gives me a big boost of vitamin C, which with the recurrent colds we’ve been getting is much needed! 

I always feel revived the next day, it’s the perfect way to start a weekend, lucky for me..it’s Friday today!

This is my entry to #CPFamilyBreaks