Age 2, what are we going to do!

Elvis is now 2, and he’s doing all the things I would expect my two year old to be doing – hooray. He’s having giant tantrums, talking constantly, singing (badly), climbing up and over anything and everything and running after his big brother shouting “waiiiiiit!”.

However, I do have worries where he’s concerned. The main worry is his lack of interest in food, he just doesn’t seem interested at all. He’s always been slim even as a baby, and now he’s a slight toddler, I look on enviously as all the other toddlers we know are considerably heavy than him wishing he’d fill out. I suppose the continual colds and coughs haven’t helped him at all, but now I’m at the point where I think I’m making matters worse by watching him constantly when we’re eating and also more or less trying to force food into him. There, I’ve said it! I get worried he’s not eating enough and try to force or trick him into eating extra, and he knows! The worst part, when he wants to eat he will eat everything and anything, but the urge to eat doesn’t come very often.

We’ve got our 2year health check this week, and I’m stressed. While we had a trip to the hospital in October and they agreed he was light but within a healthy range and were positive about the fact he did eat, I know the health visitor will not be quite so kind. No doubt I will end up crying, and feeling like I am not feeding him enough so I am to blame, even though the truth is quite the opposite. I’m trying to stay positive and not make a big deal about food, as I know the more fuss I make, the worse it is. I’ve started a food diary for him, so I can track what he does eat and when, and I’m going to start offering less food but more often to see if that helps. 

Have you experienced this with your toddler? How did you deal with it?



  • Alison

    I was lucky with mine he ate everything. If he didn’t like something I was just matter of fact about it and went you will like it when you are older. That often made him eat. Not making a fuss is key. Try getting healthy snacks and leaving them around for him to help himself to when you are not looking

  • Kim Carberry

    My youngest did go through a stage of not really eating….Probably when she was about two years old too….She is still a funny eater…Some days never stops eating then others just picks at her food….

    Try not to make it a big deal….I think the more you worry the bigger the problem seems..
    Have you tried cooking with him…Simple things that have ingredients he can pick on and much while you’re cooking….I used to do that with my youngest just to get some food into her….