Teething, biting, tantrums and tears…mostly mine.

E is teething again, it’s those awkward canines at the top and all he wants to do is chew his hand or indeed anyone else’s hand, arm or foot he comes into contact with. In addition to this Boo has started to have tantrums of epic proportions, mostly I assume as a result of him feeling that he’s getting less attention than he deserves. In truth I am funding it hard to divide my time as they are refusing to be content with time with us altogether, it feels like they want one to one attention all the time and short of finding a way to cut myself in half..

Last week I was bitten by E and slapped by Boo. I sat down and cried hysterically while they looked on in horror. Boo walked up to me and swung his arms around me, clambering up onto my lap with a kiss on my cheek he tearfully said he was sorry. I felt like a failure as a parent, how have I got to this stage where the children are making me cry?! I had visions of needing to call in Super Nanny, and have her gasp at my inability to control my children, sitting me down and peering over her glasses with one eyebrow raised..(yes I have thought about it far too much).

After a run in the torrential rain, which ended abruptly after I almost slipped faced down into a muddy puddle (possibly a cow pat filled one) I realised that I needed to get a grip! I took a deep breath and approached home realising that I am only human. So Boo lost his temper resulting in a major tantrum and flayed his arms? It wasn’t exactly the intentional slap I have made it out to be. E is teething so the bite which reduced me to tears is a reminder to chill his teething toys and be armed with one at all times! Since last week, E’s teething is causing him to wake in the night and I’m desperately tired, but as he sits playing happily with Boo trying to repeat words like ‘arstle’ (castle). I can’t help but feel I must be doing something right, and even though I’m sat here wishing I could have a little nap, I’m smiling! Being a parent is undoubtedly the toughest job in the world, but one cheeky giggle later all the exhaustion is forgotten.