Magpie Monday – Wardrobe Updating.

Having lost weight, gained weight, then lost some more, taken bags of clothes to charity, changed body shape, taken more clothes to charity..I peered in my wardrobe and realised I have only a very limited selection of wearable clothes! I’m tall so finding second hand clothes which are long enough (and aren’t a size 8) can be a challenge, but I decided I needed to look out for some so I could update my wardrobe without breaking the bank!

I was delighted to find some fabulous white jeans (ok I know they’re not flattering on hips but they fit like a dream!). Then on another stall a very cute cashmere blend cropped sleeve cardigan with cute satin covered buttons which I adore! My total spend £1!

I also located a pair of brand new gladiator sandals which were a steal at £2! These not only look great with the jeans but will are also stunning with my favourite summer dress (blog post on that to follow!).

Finally, Boo is just a little obsessed with Build a Bear! He has a good supply of clothes and a couple of bears, and they’ve been living in a box rather unglamorously in his wardrobe. Not anymore!! We spotted this:

Thankfully Mr G was as excited as I was and happily carried it home with us for the princely sum of £1! One very happy Boo and several happy Bears spent the afternoon organise their clothes! It came with lots of hangers luckily!

Did you have a bargain find this week? I’m linking up with Me & My Shadow for Magpie Monday!