The Tilda taste panel wants to get you cooking!

Ever since being sent a fabulous rice recipe book by Octopus Books, rice has been on the menu in our house! I had always seen rice as something that went with a main meal, instead of the substance to make a main meal! My rice of choice is Tilda, I found that it is easy to cook and has taste and texture I much prefer to other brands, so it was with much delight I accepted an offer to try out their new chilli and lime microwave rice!

To my further delight, Tilda actually sent me 3 bags of their microwave rices, Sweet Chilli & Lime, Egg Rice, and Basmalti, along with a couple of recipes for me to try out! The recipes form part of the new Tilda Taste Panel, the three members of the panel are food writer Jo Pratt, Indian cuisine expert Maunika Gowardhan, and nutritional expert Azmina Govindji these ladies are all Mum’s and understand the importance of eating healthy but also the difficulties often associated with cooking when you have children – e.g. time! They will create recipes and give advice to busy parents to help them keep mealtimes healthy, tasty, and easy! If you join the Tilda Mummy Tasting Panel you get the opportunity to receive money off Tilda Products and be kept upto date with all the latest Tilda Mummy Tasting Panel ideas!

The recipes can be cooked in 10 minutes, initially I was sceptical as often it might say 10 minutes but in practice it takes longer! However I can vouch for the speed and ease of creating these delicious dishes! I started off by trying the recipe for Special Fried Rice, I always worry that the rice will stick to the wok, but using the Tilda steamed rice I just opened it poured it into the wok and it cooked without any stickiness or mess. The result was a very tasty meal which could compete with the takeaway, at a fraction of the cost and in less time than it would take me to go to the takeaway!

I made a variation of the Special Fried Rice using the Great Taste 2011 Gold award winning Sweet Chilli & Lime steamed rice, I had never tried this flavour of rice before so I was quite excited! It smelt fantastic,  a really sweet tangy smell of lime combined with unmistakable hint of chilli. I found it was quite a firey flavour, but the lime really made it a pleasent taste, taking the edge off the heat of the chilli! Would I buy it again? Most definetly! It made such an amazingly tasty meal and will be great for quick winter warming dinners!

If you’d rather watch how to cook they’ve even got a great range of videos on the site so you can cook along with more complicated and slightly longer to cook ideas, I’m planning on trying out paella next week!

Disclaimer: I received 3 bags of Tilda Rice to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.