So, you want to update your bedroom?

So you’ve decided you want to get your bedroom done. You want a bedroom to relax in, and ideally put a ban on the bits of LEGO and Peppa pig toys which seem to end up everywhere when you have young children! Finally, your room will be a place of tranquility. But, where do you start? Here’s a couple of hints to get your started:

Choose a colour scheme.

Deciding on a colour scheme is a great place to start when redesigning a room, and especially a bedroom! You want the room to be relaxing so avoid bright, vibrant colours, and instead look for colours which relax you! Someone once told me you should choose colours you see in the sea, I’m not sure how true that is, but I guess it’s a good place to begin!

Decide on a feature.

I’m not talking about having a great big fountain in the middle of the room – though I guess you could – if that was your thing! But seriously, it might be you make the bed the main feature of the room, or you may paint a feature wall. A feature is great as it helps you build the rest of the room around it

Consider your storage.

Clever storage solves an increasing clutter problem! Whether you are looking to be able to store your winter clothes, or your vintage handbag collection, there’s storage for that! While I hope to one day be clutter free, I know it’s often not quite so simple as “throw it all out”. Also, even if you have minimal “stuff” you still need somewhere to store what you have – right?!

Once you’ve planned what you want, start by getting a range of tradesmen quotes to make sure you get the best price for any work. If you need more design ideas have a good look at some home lifestyle blogs, they have some fabulous ideas to grab inspiration from!

This is a collaborative post.