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Spring Home Make-over

Collaborative Post

Spring is the time when I start to think about all things home. I know lots of people Spring Clean, but I feel as though I almost start nesting in Spring! I think it’s because over the winter months we spend much longer indoors. Things don’t get put away properly, and everything begins to look tired. Our living room needs some serious TLC!


Firstly, I need to declutter the entire room! Toys need to be put in a toy box or back into the children’s bedrooms. I think I need to consider if we need as many DVD’s as we currently seem to have accumulated too!

Plan a colour scheme

I really like the grey and yellow colour schemes which have been popular for a while. However, I’m not sure it will really work in my home. Unless I go for a more subtle take on it. My plan is to keep the walls a very neutral cream colour, then add some light grey and mustard yellow accessories. Cushions and throws are relatively inexpensive and I think they’re a great way to quickly try out a colour scheme – without spending a fortune!

One problem with choosing a colour scheme can be getting your flooring to work with the colour scheme! I’m quite lucky that our carpets are a good neutral colour which works with most colour schemes, although I could buy Cheap Carpets if ours needed to be replaced. Another quick fix might be to look at adding a rug in the right colour way.

I like to replace curtains and blinds in Spring too, it’s a lovely way to refresh a room with new colour! I tend to opt for bold coloured curtains which add brightness to the room when they are drawn in the evening. If you’re not replacing them make sure you clean your current curtains or blinds! It really does make a huge difference to have fresh curtains hanging in a room.

Spring Clean!

Before you start, empty out as much of the room as you can and give it a really deep clean. If you need tips there are some great cleaning blogs out there –  like Queen of Clean. If you don’t already get your windows cleaned regularly consider getting them done, or write them onto your calendar to do weekly yourself if you’re able! Another job which is vital to my Spring makeover is cleaning the lampshades! It’s one of those jobs I tend to forget, so they gather dust over the winter, though maybe I should replace them this year?

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches to a room for me are a beautiful bunch of spring blooms in a tall vase. I also like to choose a candle with a “summery” fragrance – a move away from the spicy fragrances I’ve used all winter! These finishing touches are a really important part of a Spring makeover to me, they are such a simple addition to a room, but do make it feel “finished”.