Swizzels Sweets – the Sweetest Summers

*Collaborative Post*

Open packet of Giant Parma Violet Sweets

Summer is on the way, my thoughts have turned to the summer holidays. I was planning to write all about how I would be entertaining my children this summer. But instead, I’ve found myself reminiscing about my own childhood summers. The sweetest summers, usually involving Swizzels sweets. Swizzels have been around since 1928, and are still made in the UK. I’m not quite so old to remember them when they launched, but they have certainly played a role in making memories with me throughout childhood.

Swizzels Sweets – Retro Summers

Growing up, summer was all about careless long afternoons spent with friends. Sharing sweets we’d bought from the curious little sweet shop near the park.

The sweet shop has been gone for decades now, but my friends and I still fondly talk about it. It was a tiny shop, filled full of brightly coloured sweets. The sweet smell as you went inside, was almost overwhelming. A very elderly man ran the shop, I recall thinking he must be in at least his 90s. He wore thick rimmed glasses, and stood stooped behind the counter. He would greet you with a kind smile, but would speak abruptly if you weren’t sure entirely what you wanted – which I often didn’t!

My friends and I would spend our pocket money on an array of sweets. Love Hearts would always provoke laughter, and we would read them out to one another like love notes.

Love hearts packet being passed from one hand to another

Many hours were spent sat on the swings with a Double Dip or Rainbow Drops, those colourful puffs of sweetness! We would sit talking about all the important things like – who was the best band? and why do we have to learn algebra anyway? The kind of questions I’m not sure we ever managed to answer. But we had a good time trying!

Swizzels Sweets – Summer

The sweet shop may have gone, and my childhood seems a long time ago now, but Swizzels sweets endure. Although, now I find myself sharing them with my family rather than friends. I buy sweets to enjoy on hikes with my children. The Swizzels Bumper Bag is ideal to encourage even the most reluctant walker to clamber up the hill just a little bit faster! Especially when the first to the top gets first pick!

Summer Fun

Like many families we have a more limited budget this summer. However, with a little planning I’m hopeful we can still have a lot of fun this summer! Reminiscing to the more simple moments in childhood have provided some ideas!

One idea I have is to plan a treasure hunt for the younger children. Using easy to follow clues which will eventually lead them to a treasure box. I plan to make a treasure box from an old egg carton, and pop double lollies in as the treasure. Hopefully, it will encourage them to work together, race about, and reward their efforts too!

We love cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and I spotted this easy to make Slow Cooker Love Hearts Fudge recipe. Naughty but nice, and fudge always makes me think of days at the beach, my sister would buy a big slab and divide it. Although I don’t think this recipe requires the addition of sand…

I also have a slightly bigger idea which I’m hoping the older children will assist me with, and that’s to make an imaginative play Sweet shop. As we have a couple of summer Birthdays to celebrate I may even fill it with real sweets. Swizzels even sell those really big bags of sweets, so I will be able to stock it well for all the party guests!