Making my work space – my space.

Collaborative Post

I find myself recreating my work space. Having found myself back in my home office, with study plans in mind. Ideas whirling about in my head, like an unfinished chapter of a book. I feel like an author who is uncertain of the plot, or rather, I’ve decided it, but am too easily strayed onto a by-line. But, what if the by-line is part of the plot? I digress.

Someone once told me that:

Failure to Prepare, Is Preparation to Fail.

I remember vividly the way he explained the importance of preparing for any important event. He also reminded me that every day, could be an important event. From that moment, I tried to keep my academic, and subsequently my work life organised. When Snopake got in touch and wanted to send some items for National Stationery Week, I was excited. As, it gave me an opportunity to refresh my stationery and my work space! So, now I’m sharing my tips for keeping organised while working (and/or studying). While creating a work space which works for you.

Work space, note pad with pen
Work Space

Create a space to work.

If you have a designated office – ensure you keep that space for work. Keep out distractions, and so unless a TV is essential to your work, ban it from your home office. If you’re not graced with a home office, create a working space where you will always work. Consider what you need around you to work? Plug sockets? Natural light? Access to the coffee machine?

Where you decide to work may be the kitchen table – and that is fine. But remember to designate a shelf, drawer or cupboard to stash your work “stuff” in. It’s so much easier to keep all your work things together. It’s also easier to shut down at the end of the day when you can walk away from whatever you’ve been working on all day.

Tip – if you’re using a drawer to keep your work stuff in, consider using Zippa Bags to keep it all tidy.

Get an organised work space

I have to be able access to all my paperwork quickly and easily. It is more time efficient, and stops me procrastinating quite so much! So, having an expandable desk file has been a game changer. When my work load is less, it takes up less space, and can even be stashed away in a drawer.

I have a box which I keep all my work space “accessories” in. The box is full of chargers, lights and miscellaneous things which I may need while working. I often think I should dispose of some things from “the box” but then, I also know I’m sure to need something when I do!

Stationery Supplies

When I first started working from home, I assumed all I would need would be access to a computer. Well, how wrong I was. Quickly I discovered there would be times when I needed envelopes, printer ink and shock horror, pens and paper! I now keep a small supply of basic stationery supplies in at all times. It saves me time, and hassle.

I am huge on lists. I have to write lists on paper, each day a fresh list, and ideally tick everything off by the end of he day! Snopake Lined Sticky pads are possibly my favourite stationery item. I love being able to write my list, and stick it up on the wall!

Pencil Power

Don’t underestimate the power of a humble pencil. Scribbling down telephone notes, writing notes in margins, or doodling. All things which power me through a work day. Since being a parent I struggle with finding a sharpened pencil. Or a pencil sharpener… So, I recommend an electric pencil sharpener – it’s remarkably therapeutic to use. Bad phone meeting? Sharpen some pencils. Xcel sheet corrupted? Yes, sharpen those pencils. Whether it is the perfectly sharpened pencil at the end, or the noise and ferrocity of the sharpening I’m not sure. But, I couldn’t be without it!