A new era, and the herald of jealousy..

Boo walked at 9 1/2 months, by 10 months he could practically run, which led to all sorts of fun and games. Elvis has always been more vocal than Boo ever was, and at 6months couldn’t sit up unaided in fact he didn’t do that until he was 7months. So rather naively, I thought Elvis may be slightly slower to his feet..but no. Having turned 9 months, Elvis not only got up on his feet but the same day also proceeded to ‘coast’ happily around the furniture. I watched on in awe, surely they’re meant to just stand there for a bit first?! I can’t remember Boo ever doing the coasting, but he never crawled either, he just got up! 

So yesterday, day two of Elvis coasting around, was to put it bluntly the worst day I can remember with my boys. It was a day where Boo spent the entire day screaming, throwing things, pushing Elvis over and hitting me. I think I may have to rename him Taz. Literally by the time Mr G got home I was at the end of my tether,I slumped in a heap against the wall and cried. Then the diet went out of the window and I sat on the sofa consoling myself with Mr KitKat and Mrs Wispa (other chocolate bars are available..just not in my house as I have probably already eaten them).

I’m sure no-one told me parenting would be so hard, or more to the point emotionally and mentally draining! Having sat feeling sorry for myself, and Elvis deciding he wouldn’t go to bed we sat watching Rastamouse while I pondered on the days events. Why was Boo behaving so horribly?! Then it occurred to me, the dynamic has altered very suddenly, Boo has previously been able to put special toys on the table in the knowledge Elvis can’t reach them, now of course he can. I am spending more minutes of the day watching Elvis – trying to avoid big bumps – and less time with Boo discussing the way things work. So this is a jealous thing, I hope, I just need to work out a way to balance my attention better..wish me luck!