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Summer Infant My Fun Tub Baby Bath – REVIEW

Anyone who has had to bath a newborn baby will tell it can be a tricky process! I know I found myself terrified of dropping baby and then a wet baby is really slippery! Then as babies get bigger, they need more entertainment to keep bath time Fun! We were delighted to review the Summer Infant My Fun Tub, here’s how we got on..

Summer Infant Fun Tub

Summer Infant Fun Tub is suitable from Newborn to around age 3. It makes bathing a Newborn easier with the help of a clever sling which supports baby safely while they’re washed.

The sling is for use for babies up to 6 weeks old. It really cradles baby and enables you to wash baby safely.

The sling is made from a mesh fabric, and dries quickly once removed. It attaches to the bath with clips easily, and is very secure once it is clipped in properly.

As you can see from the image above there’s a handy slot to keep your soap or baby wash and baby sponge easily to hand. Though I suspect at toddler stage this will probably end up holding toys rather than soap!

The bath itself is lightweight and there is a shaped seat for baby to sit on. The seat is foamy which provides a comfort for baby and it makes washing baby easier as he is partially supported. N certainly enjoys bath time!


The bath also comes with a submarine toy, which sticks onto the bath with a sucker. The toy sprays water gently like a shower. It takes AA batteries which aren’t supplied. I think this is great as it can be used with the baby bath but also when they progress to a big bath too. My 3 year old daughter is rather fond of this and it has so far been used more by her!

We love the Summer Infant Bath Tub, it has definitely helped make bath time more relaxing!