Meal Planning w/c 24.02.14

I’ve forgotten to meal plan the last couple of weeks, and the result has been disorder in the shopping and eating..not too much waste but more than I want and certainly we’ve spent more than we wanted to! So here are dinners for this week, there are some exceptions which I’ve posted below!


Steak pie with vegetables


Salmon with stir fry and noodles




Baked Potatoes


Fish cakes with mash and vegetables

Takeaway – Chip shop!


Bangers and Mash!

Tonight (Monday) Boo has asked for a home made pizza, so I’m going to make the pizza dough and then he will help me make the pizza when he gets home, this should do both boys for dinner and then there will be enough left over for Boo’s lunch box tomorrow (I hope!). I’m trying to liven up Boo’s lunch boxes as he’s bored of “just sandwiches”, so today he took potato cakes and salad, which I hope will be popular! Tuesday the boys will have salmon with potatoes and veggies rather than stir fry as neither of them are very keen on stir fry yet!

Breakfasts are porridge or weetabix, although I may have a go at making some brioche..go me! 

Snacks.. if I can actually remember to buy the eggs I’m going to make my easy tea loaf and some flapjacks as they mean the boys are content after one slice..(in theory anyway!).

Linking up with Meal Planning Monday, do check it out for lots of fabulous ideas!