Gel a Peel – Customise your Festival Fashion

Always one to be keen to try out creative projects I was excited to hear about Gel-a-Peel. If you don’t know, Gel-a-Peel is an easy way for children to create unique and fashionable accessories. However did you know that you can also use Gel-a-Peel to customise clothes and accessories? Perfect for festival season!

We were sent a couple of items to personalise, (but you could just as easily upcycle an old t-shirt or cap) plus a Gel-a-Peel colour change kit.


The kit is really easy to use, it comes with a number of nozzles which help produce different designs. The tubes were easy for the children to squeeze and they were able to be relatively accurate with their designs.

The sun visor was easy to decorate as it was a nice smooth and firm surface to work with. We had thought we might use templates to design on it, but decided to have fun trying the different nozzles out instead!

We thought that the colour change gel was great fun, it really did add a lovely effect to the design. The sun visor was designed free hand with no template. I think it came out really well!

When you’re designing on a vest it’s worth supporting the fabric with some thick cardboard. We used a soft pencil to draw on our design as a template to then apply the Gel-a-Peel. Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station Kit makes personalising fashion super simple, with a plenty stencils to use on t-shirts and bags. Perfect for a unique school bag perhaps?

Overall thoughts

It is a fun fairly clean activity, but one which does require a little supervision due to the nature of the product. The possibilities to create are numerous and you can the Gels separately – so you don’t need an entire new set to get new colours. We loved creating unique designs, and I can see this being popular on the run up to Christmas too – homemade gifts are always a hit!



Disclaimer: We received items for the purposes of an honest review.