Brisk Winter Walk in the New Forest

With the icy weather taking hold this week, we’ve not been outside as much as we’d like. Baby Yo even wrapped up well does not appreciate the icy wind howling around her face, nor my attempts at protecting her from it! Saturday started with a dusting of snow, and the boys raced outside at 8am to make the most of what little snow we had before it melted. I was gladĀ  they had, as by lunch time it had all gone, and there is something so special about my own childhood memories of playing in the snow.


Sunday, the air temperature was up, the sun was shining but the wind was bitter and wild with gusts which burrowed through to your core.

1st February 2015
1st February 2015

We wrapped up well and ventured on a walk around Setley Pond, a small pond in the New Forest, the boys wrapped themselves up in gloves and hats ready to explore. In fact there was little exploring, as the wind was so bitterly cold that the boys pulled their chins down inside their coats, and I struggled to keep the hood on my coat up over my head, it felt a little more endurance test than pleasent walk!

010215 boys

We found a more sheltered area to walk in, and there were lots of ponies sheltering there too, I pointed out how the ponies stood to best protect themselves from the wind. The boys made me laugh asking why it was OK to tread in horse poo and not dog poo, this resulted in a long conversation regarding poo.. which was not quite what I had planned for our Sunday afternoon!

After our brisk and bracing walk, we took cover back in the car and had a sneaky hot drink from the flask I’d remembered to pack, thank heavens for being thrifty at times!

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