Making mistakes..

I’m having a bad week, I made an error of judgement for which I am kicking myself. To cut a long story very short, I enrolled Boo in a pre-school, and after arriving to collect him early and being unimpressed with what I saw (on top of a whole catalogue of other issues with the place over the week) I have removed him.

If I had any doubt that I had made the right decision, the communication with the woman running the place when I told her we wouldn’t be returning really cemented things. I may look exhausted and tatty around the edges, but it doesn’t mean I cannot recall what was said one day to the next, and trying to convince me I am stupid or inferior does not make me a happy Mummy.

So, here I am feeling guilty, that Boo is at home with me and Elvis, when if I had made a ‘good’ choice, he would be off playing with his new friends. Actually, Boo is playing very nicely with his farm set, and has just given me an explanation of why there are so many cows on it, apparently he needs lots of milk to feed the farmer who gets very hungry working hard all day long.. Well, he knows where the milk comes from so I guess I must be doing something right!

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